City of Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (2024)

Privacy Statement

Your privacy issue is our concern. We understand that we have to gain your trust first beforeparticipation in our portal. We go to great lengths to keep your sensitive information safe andsecure.

This web portal is created and maintained by CityInsight for the benefit ofCity of Detroit Water & Sewerage DepartmentCustomers.The purpose of the site is to provide an alternative venue to the public in providing a safe andeffective way for residents to track water usage in real time, pay utility bills with ease, schedulepayment plans and obtain mobile customer support.

How do I know my information is secure?

City of Detroit Water & Sewerage Departmentand CityInsight has taken many steps to ensure the security of your transactions. All billpays are transmitted over a secure connections. All of your personal information includingyour credit card and banking information, and passwords are stored in a secure location.

Privacy Policy

Information collected from this web portal shall be used or disclosed for official purposes only,or to comply with any state or federal law.City of Detroit Water & Sewerage Departmentand CityInsight will not intentionally discloseany Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its web users unless otherwise required by law.

City of Detroit Water & Sewerage Departmentand CityInsight recognizes and respects individuals’ right to privacy, including individuals’right to privacy under certain state and federal law.City of Detroit Water & Sewerage Departmentand CityInsight will adhere to themandates of such laws as: HIPAA, Michigan Internet Privacy Protection Act, Social SecurityNumber Privacy Act, National Crime Prevention and Privacy Act, Child Identification andProtection Act, Michigan City Income Tax Act, Crime Victims Act, etc. Alternatively, the City alsorecognizes and respects all state and federal law, which may require the City to disclose certaininformation. They include requests made under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act(FOIA), subpoenas, court orders, or any other state or federal law, including for any lawenforcement purposes.

Information Collected by the City

As you use the web portal,City of Detroit Water & Sewerage Departmentand CityInsight will be collecting information from you, whichmay be used for official purposes, including but not limited to: statistically measure certain sitetraffic, improve the web site, and enhance its on-line services capabilities.

Terms and Conditions

City of Detroit Water & Sewerage Departmentprovides this website and related service subject to the followingTerms and Conditions and the site compliance with the Terms and Conditions set forth below.By accessing this site, the user indicates acknowledgment of any applicable Terms and Conditions.These Terms and Conditions apply to any payment made toCity of Detroit Water & Sewerage Departmentusing the Web Portal.Please read the following information carefully.

1.It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available tocomplete any payments you schedule. You agree that you may be charged a returned itemfee if funds are not available at the time of the scheduled payment.

2.If your financial institution rejects the transaction for any reason,your payment will not be applied to your account.

By submitting a payment, you are giving authorization to charge your credit card or debitthe bank account specified for any amount owed until this authorization is revoked.You may update or remove this authorization at any time by updating your payment method.If you set up auto pay, you are giving authorization to charge your credit card or debit your bank account periodically.If your account has a credit at the time of auto pay, no payment will be created, and auto pay will resume at the next billing period.

You may change or cancel scheduled one-time payments up to one day before the scheduled payment date.Same day payments cannot be canceled.

The account number, user ID, and password are intended toprovide security against unauthorized access to your account.

It is your sole responsibility to assure that your account number, user ID, and passwordare not revealed or otherwise made available topersons not authorized to access your accounts. The loss, theft, or unauthorized useof your account number, user ID, and password couldresult in the loss of funds in your account, plus any amount that may beavailable under an overdraft protection line of credit. You agree to assume allliability for voluntary disclosure of your account numbers, and passwordto any person(s) or entities, and to assume all responsibilityfor transactions or other account activity performed by person(s) or entities other thanyourself to whom you have given your account number and password.YOU ALSO AGREE TO IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY US OF ANY UNAUTHORIZED USE OF YOUR PASSWORD,ANY ACCESS OR ATTEMPTED ACCESS, TRANSACTION OR ATTEMPTED TRANSACTION, OTHER ACCOUNTACTIVITY OR ATTEMPTED ACCOUNT ACTIVITY, OR ANY OTHER BREACH OF SECURITY.

City of Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (2024)
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