No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (2024)

Beat the heat without the dairy with these 25+ mouth watering vegan ice cream recipes

By Neesha Gill

Ask anyone around the world how they like to cool off in the summer heat, and chances are they’ll answer one of two ways: swimming, or ice cream. But what to do if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant? Or, just find dairy kind of gross?

Luckily, vegan ice cream is now ‘a thing’. And thank goodness for that! It’s more refreshing, isn’t full of hormones and antibiotics, usually has less sugar, and still has all the flavour.

In fact, it’s getting so popular that Ben & Jerry’s are even making vegan ice cream, and you can find all kinds of vegan ices in most supermarkets.

Why you should make vegan ice cream recipes

Vegan ice cream recipes use far healthy ingredients than mucus-inducing dairy. For example, you can use any of these as a base:

  • almond milk
  • coconut milk
  • avocado
  • bananas
  • coconut cream
  • cashews

You might think you’ll need a fancy ice cream churner to make some of these. But no! A simple blender, or even a hand blender, will do.

You can use these dairy free ice cream recipes in many ways, too!

  • make them the centre of ice cream sandwiches
  • serve them up with vegan birthday cakes at parties
  • add a dash of booze for a more adult version (alcohol also prevents the hardening of water particles, allowing for a creamer dessert)
  • add a scoop to your favourite soft drink or sparkling water to make a float
  • make a few of these, and put them between two halves of bananas. Top with nuts, syrup, berries and other toppings for the perfect banana split

And so much more!

Here below, I’ve found loads of no churn vegan ice cream recipes, ranging from cooling sorbets to decadent, creamy indulgences. Now you can still enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, but without the guilt!

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Beat The Heat

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (1)

1. Vegan Almond Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

My Darling Vegan has created an alternative to everyone’s favourite Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey creation… and no doubt a much healthier version too, since it’s packed with fruit and nuts! Of course, there’s also the usual yummy chocolate, too.

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (2)

2. 4 Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet

The goodness of watermelon is enough to make this tasty, easy recipe. Seriously, this couldn’t get simpler! Want to make this now? All you need are 4 ingredients.

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (3)

3. Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This recipe is exactly what it says on the tin and it could not be simpler. Edible Perspective’s Ashley McLaughlin created a simple, velvety coconut vegan ice cream recipe. This will leave you hankering for more after the first bite!

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (4)

4. Fresh Lemon Sorbet

Think making lemon sorbet is tough? Think again! You actually don’t need an ice cream machine to do this. Just freeze the mixture overnight, thaw a little bit the next day, blend with a hand blender and serve it up!

Want the recipe? Just watch the video below.

5. Vegan Peach Ice Cream

Oh, peaches! What other flavour just screams ‘summer’ as much as this soft fruit? And speaking of soft – you can keep this recipe from getting rock hard in the freezer by adding vodka! (just a wee bit!)

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (5)

6. Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream

You can’t beat a good cookie dough dessert – all those chunky textures offset by the creaminess of the ice cream…yum! The healthy twist to this vegan friendly recipe? The fact that the ‘cookie dough’ is based on walnuts and dates.

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (6)

7. Dairy Free Nutella Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love Nutella!? Smeared on toast, muffins, or eaten on its own (don’t judge!), it’s a favourite treat for many. If it’s all a bit dense and sweet for you from the jar, rejoice! It’s super easy to make a simple, healthy ice cream that tastes just like the popular Italian spread. Mainly because it has Nutella in it. But if you really care about the animals, buy a cruelty-free brand. Nutella is famous for using rainforest (and orangutan) destroying palm oil.

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (7)

8. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

PB and C is such a classic combination, and this recipe by hot for food really makes the most out of these decadent flavours by blending them with the fruit that best suits them both: banana!

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (8)

9. Grapefruit Sorbet

The tanginess of grapefruit is super refreshing on a hot summer’s day, and this sorbet is one of the best vegan ice cream recipes for cooling off. Easy to make, too!

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (9)

10. Salted Caramel Apple Pie Ice Cream

Apple pie is always best with a hit of ice cream. So why not just combine the flavours of the two desserts into one? That’s basically what this recipe does, with delicious results. And this is one of those vegan ice cream recipes that comes with a gorgeous, salted caramel sauce to drizzle on top, too. YUM!

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (10)

11. 10 Minute Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry ice cream is one of the easiest vegan concoctions to make, ever. And this recipe proves it beyond a doubt – all you need are three ingredients and ten minutes, and voila! Just be sure your berries are organic – did you know strawberries are one of the most heavily sprayed food crops? Sad but true!

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (11)

12. Vegan Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberries are possibly the most delicious of all the superfoods, and are made all the sweeter when you know their season is pretty short. As it involves some cooking, this recipe may be a bit more complicated than most vegan ice cream recipes, but just look at the result!

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (12)

13. Vegan Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

Sometimes, when the heat is on, you need a pick-me-up. Ice cream does the trick. But so does coffee! And when you combine them? You’ve got the most refreshing vegan treat, like, ever!

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (13)

14. 5 Minute Double Chocolate Ice Cream

Hey, chocolate lovers! You didn’t think I’d forgotten about you, did you? This double chocolate vegan ice cream recipe will be your new favourite thing, ever! Unless you prefer the choco-brownie recipe, below…

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (14)

15. Almond Milk Ice Cream, 5 Ways

Not a fan of avocados and coconut? Never fear – vegan ice cream recipes can use almond milk, too! Chocolate Covered Katie offers 5 different (and very tempting!) flavours you can make with commercial or homemade almond milk. Oh, and btw – these are all keto friendly, too!

Get the recipe here.

No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (15)

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No Churn Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Try (2024)


Which vegan milk is best for making ice cream? ›

Kaminsky says that you'll get the best results from dairy-free counterparts that are higher in fat such as canned coconut milk. She typically uses almond milk as her base, but other non-dairy milks can work (steer clear of rice milk because it tends to be too watery).

What replaces dairy in vegan ice cream? ›

The secret is nothing more than coconut milk. Full-fat, creamy coconut milk. Other vegan milk substitutes, like almond milk or soy milk, just don't cut it when it comes to ice cream.

How do you stabilize vegan ice cream? ›

Common stabilizers used in vegan ice cream include xanthan gum, agar-agar, or guar gum.

How do you thicken vegan ice cream? ›

Plant-based fats are the best way to thicken vegan ice cream. Coconut cream, full-fat coconut milk and coconut oil will give the creamiest and thickest results. Cornstarch and tapioca starch can also be used to thicken but the end result will be a little more icy and a little less creamy.

What is the closest vegan milk to real milk? ›

The demand for soy milk comes from its creamy texture and slightly nutty flavor, making it an excellent cooking and baking ingredient. It's the closest drink that resembles cow's milk, per a taste test and online public sentiment.

Which plant-based milk is closest to dairy milk? ›

Soy beverages fortified with calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D are the only plant-based alternatives with a nutrient content similar enough to milk to be included in the dairy group in the federal government's Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

What can I use instead of heavy cream for ice cream vegan? ›

Soy milk and olive oil

For a vegan dairy-free alternative to heavy cream, try mixing soy milk with olive oil. Much like the pairing of milk and butter, olive oil adds fat to the soy milk for a flavor and function comparable to heavy cream.

What is ice cream without dairy called? ›

Updated: Jun 13, 2021. You might be surprised to learn that sorbet, Italian ice, sherbet, dairy-free ice cream and vegan ice cream are all different kinds of delectable, frozen treats.

What are four plant-based alternatives to dairy milk? ›

Types of plant-based/non-dairy milk alternatives
  • Oat milk. Oat milk is the recent emergent in the market owing to its potential therapeutic benefits. ...
  • Soy milk. The use of soy milk was first reported about 2000 years ago in China. ...
  • Peanut milk. ...
  • Almond milk. ...
  • Coconut milk. ...
  • Sesame milk. ...
  • Other plant-based milk.
Sep 2, 2016

What is the best emulsifier for vegan ice cream? ›

A common - and better - emulsifier for ice cream is soy lecithin, which can be derived from soybeans, sunflowers and rapeseed. Soy lecithin has a neutral taste, and also allows you to make egg-less ice cream.

Why is my vegan ice cream icy? ›

My ice cream is icy. This is probably the most common problem with home made ice cream. And it's caused by large ice crystals forming in the mixture as it freezes. Large ice crystals are usually the result of either too much water in the mix or excessively long freezing time.

What is the demand for vegan ice cream? ›

Global Vegan Ice Cream Market Size is Estimated to Reach USD 984.16 Million by 2031, Growing at a CAGR of 5.2%: Straits Research. According to recent studies, 30% of Americans are not only leaving meat off their plates but are also seeking out plant-based meat alternatives.

What is the best stabilizer for ice cream? ›

Locust bean gum (E410)

LBG is a very popular stabilizer in ice cream. It's one of the best gums at reducing ice crystal size. And it produces, a smooth texture, a creamy mouth-feel, and a silky finish. It also works well with other gums, especially Guar and Carrageenan.

How do you add fat to non dairy ice cream? ›

Blends of vegetable oils (60% to 80% coconut oil or palm kernel oil with 20% to 40% of a liquid oil such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, or olive oil) are often used in vegan ice cream production to obtain the optimum amount of solid fat.

Does Ben and Jerry's have dairy free ice cream? ›

You dared us to go dairyless—and we did! Our Non-Dairy flavor creations are made with almond milk, 100% certified vegan, and boldly loaded with chunks and swirls. You'll get Ben & Jerry's euphoria in every bite. These flavors deliver everything… but the cow.

What kind of milk is in vegan ice cream? ›

It's not made with low-fat or skim milk, or anything like that. Dairy-free frozen desserts typically substitute regular milk with plant-based milk such as almond, soy, coconut, or cashew milk, although there are some amazing brands (*cough, cough, Eclipse*) that take it even further.

What is the best milk for homemade ice cream? ›

This is usually due to either not freezing fast enough, or too much water forming large ice crystals. When making ice cream, you want to use whole milk and cream, rather than 2% or skim milk, because it has more fat contributing to smaller ice crystals and a better/creamier texture.

What kind of milk should you use to make ice cream? ›

Don't worry too much if you don't have whole milk or heavy cream. Nearly any milk will work, and you can substitute half-and-half for the cream. Ideally you want ingredients with a high fat content because these will create a creamy texture when cooled.

Which non-dairy milk freezes best? ›

Oat milk. Oat milk may separate and become grainy after freezing. Goat's milk. Goat's milk freezes well.

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