The Disappearance of Heather Teague - Disappeared (2024)

The Disappearance of Heather Teague - Disappeared (1)

Name: Heather Danyelle Teague
Age: 23 years old
Last Seen:
August 26, 1995
Location: Spottsville, Kentucky
Status: Still missing

Case Information

23 year old Heather Teague was last seen on August 26, 1995 in Spottsville, Kentucky. She was abducted while sunbathing at Newburgh Beach at approximately 12:45 pm.


Heather Teague was born on April 25, 1972. At the time of her disappearance she was living in Clay, Kentucky.


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At approximately 12:45 pm on August 26, 1995, a witness saw 23 year old Heather Teague being abducted from her lawn chair at Newburgh Beach in Spottsville, Kentucky.

The witness, who was using a telescope from across the Ohio River, says a white male approached Heather before grabbing her by the hair and dragging her into the nearby woods at gunpoint.

The abductor, who was shirtless and wearing jeans, is described as being about 6 feet tall and weighing 210 – 230 pounds. He had brown hair and a brown bushy beard, and was reportedly wearing a wig and mosquito net.

Heather hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

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Part of Heather Teague’s plaid bathing suit was found by authorities later that day, not far from the abduction site. Heather’s blue towel was also located, but no further evidence as to her whereabouts were found.

A local farmer was video taping crop vandalism on the day of the abduction, and caught Heather’s car on camera, as well as a red Ford Bronco parked nearby.

Heather’s mother, Sarah Teague, has been working on her daughter’s case for decades. In 2007 she had Heather declared legally dead in order to fit the requirements for obtaining the FBI’s investigation file on her daughter’s case.

In 2016, the State Police denied Sarah’s request for the 911 call about the abduction. She won an appeal in 2017, with a judge ordering the Kentucky State Police to disclose the records.

In 2022, Sarah created an online petition for the Governor to order DNA testing to be done in Heather’s case. Heather’s bathing suit bottom and towel, which were both found at the scene, were never tested for DNA.

In December 2022, the Kentucky State Police sent three pieces of evidence to a lab in Florida for DNA testing; Heather’s bathing suit bottom, her blue towel, and a towel found inside Marty Dill’s Bronco. The results have not been made public.

Marty Dill

In February 1995, six months before Heather’s abduction, 30 year old Marvin Ray “Marty” Dill, a local of Henderson, Kentucky, was pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

While searching Dill’s vehicle authorities found two guns, two knives, rubber gloves, rope, and duct tape. The Bronco also had bloodstains on the tailgate.

After Heather’s abduction police reviewed video from the day of her disappearance that shows a red Ford Bronco parked next to her car, which matched the description of Dill’s vehicle.

Police received several tips linking Dill to the abduction, including the witness identifying Dill as the kidnapper.

At 1:00 am on September 1, 1995, the Kentucky State Police arrived at Marty Dill’s home for questioning. Upon noticing his home being surrounded, Dill reportedly made his wife leave, telling her the less she knew the better, before killing himself.

At 3:15 am Dill was declared dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Police found no evidence of Heather on his property.

After his death the case was brought before a grand jury, but Dill’s wife took the fifth amendment and said nothing.

Christopher Below

In 2005, the Kentucky State Police named 39 year old Christopher Below, a native of Henderson, Kentucky, as a person of interest in Heather’s disappearance.

Below confessed to the 1991 murder of his lover, Katheryn Fetzer, in 2003. When authorities started digging into his background they realized he was in the Henderson, Kentucky area at the time of Heather’s abduction, and left the state on September 1, the same day Dill killed himself.

Below made a deal with prosecutors and plead guilty to manslaughter in Fetzer’s case. He was sentenced to 11 – 18 years in prison. He has never been charged in connection with Heather’s disappearance.

Some authorities theorize that Dill and Below abducted Heather together; with one being the kidnapper and the other driving the getaway car.


The location of Heather Teague remains unknown. Foul play is suspected in her case, and two potential suspects were publicly named, but no arrests have been made in her case.


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White female born on on April 25, 1972. Heather has brown hair, green eyes, stands 5’1 tall, and weighs 90-100 pounds.

Heather has a noticeable curvature of her spine due to scoliosis. She has flat feet, and a red, round birthmark on her right buttock.

Clothing & Accessories:
Heather was wearing a plaid bathing suit when she was abducted.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Heather Teague please contact the Kentucky State Police at (270) 826-3312 .

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The Disappearance of Heather Teague - Disappeared (2024)
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